What Does It Take to Get Into Med School?
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What to Expect from the Admissions Process

Medical school is a four-year graduate school that trains general practice physicians, surgeons and medical specialists. The admissions requirements for med school varies, depending on the institution, but most require a health- and science-related course of study, often called “pre-med.” Undergraduate courses in biology, physiology, kinesiology, organic chemistry, pharmacology and related topics will all serve you well in your medical studies.

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Medical School Admissions

There are no set-in-stone criteria when it comes to medical school admissions. Every institution sets its own admissions policies. Generally speaking, though, your med school application is judged on the following:

  • Academic performance in your undergraduate and/or graduate studies
  • Academic performance in the pre-med courses many institutions require
  • Your MCAT score
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Your performance during admissions interviews
  • Admissions essays

Though it is highly subjective, some medical schools also look for a community service record, research initiatives and advanced degrees. The higher an institution’s placement in medical school rankings, the stricter its admissions requirements will be.

Schools for Other Medical Professions

Many four-year colleges offer nursing degrees if you’re looking to become a nurse. However, doctors and nurses are but two of the many medical professions you can explore. Medical assistant school, for example, trains technicians and nurses’ aides in a variety of specializations.

You can go to medical transcription school if you want to specialize in turning doctors’ oral case notes into standardized documents. This is a high-paying career with excellent job prospects and flexibility. Given the reliance of the American medical system on insurance companies, medical billing school offers viable career training for many people. Medical military school is also an option, if you want to combine your medical studies with military service.

Attending med school is a big decision, as you’ll be challenged to your limit with the rigors of your studies. However, the rewards of a career as a physician are many, and if you’re committed, it’s a choice you’ll never regret.