Are You Interested in Getting a Degree in the Exciting Field of Physics?
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What to Expects from a Physics Program

Physics is an exciting field to be in, as new advancements and discoveries occur every day. Physics is the study of matter, which means it is key to understanding not only our world but what’s beyond it. A combination of science, mathematics and engineering, physics is a great example of the whole being larger than the sum of its parts.

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If you’re interested in a physics education, you’ll need not only a foundational knowledge in math, science and engineering, but also extreme discipline. Physics degrees involve plenty of reading, plenty of testing, and also a lot of hands-on time spent in a lab conducting research and experiments.

Course Work in Physics Degree Programs

Physics degrees can be very challenging, with courses that cover not only advanced science, but also mathematics and engineering. Along with physics itself, just a sample of some of the topics that may be covered includes optics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetic theory, thermodynamics and kinetic theory, calculus, algebra, statistics and more.

Physics degrees are available at traditional education institutions, but many also offer the option of taking an online physics degree. Many people find this beneficial, as it allows them to work at their own pace when tackling challenging course matter. When taking physics courses online, assignments will be submitted electronically, and students will be expected to participate in group sessions and forums over the Internet.

Many students choose to do their undergraduate work in physics at a traditional institution, and then choose to specialize with advanced programs online, such as a Master’s in medical physics or a Master’s in Physics and Photonics.

Physics Jobs

Many people with physics degrees choose to enter the teaching field or to become true physicists, researching and testing to achieve scientific breakthroughs. But aside from these professions, physics degrees can lead to a number of careers in manufacturing, flight, game and software development, medical research, energy and much more.

Salaries will vary depending on the position and the industry, but tend to start on the high side at $50,000 or more. With experience and advanced positions, many physicists make well over $90,000.