Apply Business to Athletics with a Sports Management Degree
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There are Sports Careers Outside of Being an Athlete

Many people have a passion for sports, but not everyone can be an athlete. Sports management programs can help you put your passion to work in the industry, with a successful career managing a team or working in advertising or promotion. However, it will take more than just a love of sports to succeed in this industry — sports management requires good business sense, as well as planning and organization skills.

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If you’re interested in a career in sports that doesn’t have you hitting the field or grabbing the ball, sports management might be the area for you. Completing a sports management undergraduate degree is the best way to break into the industry.

Course Work in Sports Management Degree Programs

Sports management degrees combine knowledge of sports with business training. Common subjects in the sports area include sports marketing, sports law, governance and ethics, history of sports and more. From a business perspective, courses will include principles of management, risk management, finance, accounting and general marketing.

Those wishing to continue their education may want to complete a sports management graduate program or sports management master’s degree. These programs may provide either a more in-depth education in the field of sports management, or will provide a specific focus area in the field, such as sports management advertising or sports management tourism.

Sports Management Jobs

There are many career opportunities that can come out of a sports management degree. Community sports programs, student athletics and campus recreation, sporting goods sales, ticketing and finance are just a few of the areas where sports management professionals are employed, and possible job titles include athletic director, athletic business manager, fitness manager and more.

Often, sports management jobs are very competitive, so it may be necessary to start off low in the field and work your way up. Entry level salaries can start as low as $35,000, but by the time you work your way up to higher positions, such as general manager, the average salary is roughly $60,000 or more. Directors and VPs in the sports management industry typically see salaries over $100,000.