Where Will a Degree in Marketing Take You?
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From Sales to Advertising

Marketing degrees teach students the techniques used to attract consumer interest in specific products and services. At marketing school, you can earn degrees at the undergraduate or graduate level, preparing you for careers in a broad array of exciting industries.

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Topics Covered in Marketing School

In-class and online marketing degrees cover an extensive range of specialized topics, including consumer behavior, market research techniques and campaign planning. The core courses of both undergraduate marketing and marketing graduate degrees focus on topics like strategic planning, market segmentation, advertising techniques, retail strategies and consumer relations.

You will also have the opportunity to customize your educational experience through the selection of electives. Cost-volume and profit margin analysis, pricing theory, sales management and strategic planning courses are often offered in both college-level degree programs and marketing graduate school. Instruction in economic theory, business and commerce is also required in many marketing programs.

It’s also possible for you to specialize in marketing for a particular industry. Fashion marketing degrees, for example, are a mainstay of fashion school programs, especially at polytechnic institutes. Sports marketing degrees are also popular with young male students.

Career Options for Marketing Graduates

Both in-class and online marketing degrees lead to a wide range of rewarding career options with excellent growth prospects and the potential for high pay. Some of the career paths you might follow after graduation include advertising, corporate sales and relations, media and public relations, regional development, industrial development, tourism and communications. Specialists with online marketing degrees learn how to sell products and services to Web-based consumers.

Students who combine marketing degrees with business degrees enhance their career prospects even more. You can combine a bachelor’s degree in marketing with an MBA, or you can get an undergraduate business or commerce degree before pursuing marketing master’s degrees. Both paths lead to excellent opportunities in the business world.

Marketing degrees produce versatile, industry-ready professionals with skills that are extremely valuable in the corporate and industrial world. Once you make the transition from school to work and move beyond entry-level marketing positions, you’ll find that your career prospects are virtually limitless.

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